memflex® Established 2003


Cool & dry, all night, every night! Adaptive® responds dynamically to temperature changes and keeps your sleep environment cool and dry, all night, every night.

Never too hot - Never too cold - just right.

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Memflex is no start-up company when it comes to making quality mattresses. In fact, we were one of the first companies to make vacuum-packed mattresses that have been tried and tested by thousands of happy sleepers since 2003. We have created a masterpiece in sleep with no equal that offers ultra luxury comfort and support.

What Makes Memflex® Special

Pioneering Memory foam mattresses since 2003 with Passion Dedication and the satisfaction of creating the gold standard in comfort. Memflex brings the benefits of space age technology and medical science into your home. Adaptive - Viscoolgel® - Pocket Springs Thermoregulating to optimise sleep

suitable for any somatotype

Memflex has been engineered and designed to be suitable for all body types. So no matter what shape or size you are or if you sleep on your side, back or curled up in a ball Memflex is the mattress for everyone

Ectomorph – Mesomorph – Endomorph

Comfort meets technology

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WHATS IN THE UK'S best-priced Ultra luxury mattress

Established in 2003 Memflex knows what it takes to create the perfect mattress, The Memflex Hybrid mattress is a labor of love created by the best to be the best. Incorporating Adaptive phase change material, up to 3500 individual Airflow pocket springs, Viscoolgel Advanced comfort foam, Memflex non allergenic Health foam, 7 zone support base, Re-enforced Smart edge anti sag side support. SHOP NOW NEXT

Memflex® gold standard in comfort

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Our revolutionary material is fast acting its unique formulation is swift to react and conforms to a new shape or position rapidly this increases the surface contact area and simulates a dynamic air flotation effect with no heat problem to further promote a better night’s sleep.

Viscoolgel is a new generation thermo regulating material containing a blend of sustainable natural raw materials including soybean oil and a refreshing natural balm which cools down and absorbs body heat for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Never too hot - Never too cold - just right.

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LUXURY Airflow Pocket springs

Most people are not aware of the significant health benefit of ultra-premium pocket spring construction. These springs are unrivaled in supporting the body whilst you're asleep. There is airflow between the springs which allows for clean evaporation of water from nightly perspiration. This cleanliness acts as a significant deterrent to germs and dust mites. Pocket springs provide superior comfort and support thanks to its special geometric structure. Enjoy flawless sleep by sleeping on a mattress that conforms to your body shape and responds to your weight.

No roll together 

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Spinal support

The Memflex mattress incorporates our "Spine Guard “ technology that will  support your neck, shoulders and back helping to reduce pain and stiffness through an active 7 zone support layer. The 'zones' help provide correct spinal alignment resulting in increased sleep quality. Working in conjunction with  individual pocket springs. The spine guard 7 zone system reacts to any body type providing a supreme level of support resulting in a better nights sleep so you wake feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Not too firm - Not too soft - just right.

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You Will Love Memflex Smart Edge Support

One important feature that is overlooked in most mattress constructions is the edge support.This keeps the sleeper supported to the very edge of the mattress with out the worry of falling out of bed. By encapsulating our pocket springs and re-enforcing the edge of the mattress you are able to use the full size of the bed and not just the middle.

No roll off - No roll together 

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Why our customers love Memflex

Life Changing

The Memflex mattress is probably the best purchase I have ever made for me it was life changing never have I slept so good.


Awsome Comfort

We never realised a mattress could be so comfortable no more tossing and turning for us thankyou Memflex

Jessica & steve

I can finally sleep again

If you are spending hours searching the internet stop right here and buy the Memflex mattress you will be glad you did.

Sarah & Steve

120 night trial no brainer

Looked at lots of mattresses in stores but forking out hard earned cash with no trial didn't appeal to me opted for Memflex with there 120 night home trial. Sorry guys your not getting it back its mine now love it.


Bye bye back ache hello Gym.

Had back pain for years all gone. Couldn't even brush my teeth on a morning, back at the gym now I love this mattress